Monday, October 4, 2010

The Book of Two Guns

Learning to use a firearm effectively requires time and training. There are many good schools, such as Gunsite in Arizona, Thunder Ranch in Oregon, and classes taught everywhere by Massad Ayoob. Closer home to Tennessee, just down in Langston, Alabama, is Shootrite Firearms Academy, run by Tiger McKee.

Tiger teaches a variety of courses, including handgun, carbine, and precision rifle; and will also customize courses to his students' needs. He teaches everything from NRA basic courses to advanced techniques with the firearms.

Now, suppose you are interested in Tiger's teaching, but can't yet make the trip to Alabama, then you should get his book, The Book of Two Guns. I just finished reading this unique, excellent book.

Unique in that it is all hand written, and full of sketches.

Excellent in that it covers many techniques that can save your life in a lethal encounter.

  • Did you ever wonder how to pie a corner? Tiger tells you how. 
  • What if your strong hand is injured, and you need to draw from your right side with your left hand? Tiger tells you how.
Illustration from Shootrite website
You can hear Tiger in interviews with Tom Gresham on Guntalk HERE. And The Book of Two Guns is available at Amazon by clicking HERE.

Nothing substitutes for training with a real live instructor, but you can still learn a lot by reading and practicing the techniques taught in this book.

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David Resseguie said...

Just ordered my copy. Thanks for the tip.