Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why is the left hostile to america?

In his recent blog post, M. J. Mollenhour explores the concept of the United States as a fortress being invaded by Middle Eastern jihadists. He pictures the Left in America as undermining the walls of the fortress, thus enabling the invaders.

What does this have to do with gun rights in Knoxville? As Mollenhour so aptly puts it in the post:
  • "The gun stands as a repugnant symbol of man’s stubborn insistence that he is equal with other men (because all are sinful in the sight of God).
  • The gun in the hands of the citizen is a bold statement that the citizen rejects state monopoly on power.
  • The gun in the hands of the citizen is a statement that you reject false offers of political salvation from other men viewed as no better than the rest of us–rejecting the false gods of monarchy, theocracy, and all other forms of authoritarian rule.
  • To the modern, Marx-influenced, worshiper of The State, the gun in the hands of individual citizen is the anti-state."
Go brew a cup of coffee, sit back and digest this post.

And check out Mollenhour's novel, Arcturus. I wrote a report on it a while back, and you can view the report and order the book HERE.

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