Monday, September 27, 2010

Tennessee gubernatorial race - final days

The primaries are over. There are several independant candidates out there, but history has shown they are just not going to be real players. That means the only real choice one has is to go with either Haslam or McWherter.

So, between the two, who do you choose?

Last January, the big Tennessee newspapers, including the News-Sentinel of Knoxville, ran a piece titled, Candidates on the Issues - Guns. I followed up with my analysis of their report HERE. The scores could range from +12 to -12.

Haslam lost points because of his stance on guns in parks, and scored +6.

McWherter scored -12. His views appear to reflect the typical Democratic big brother elitist attitude of Leftist politicians. He doesn't appear to trust the average Joe with the ability to make sound judgement. His answers make me think he would take the veto pen to pro gun rights legislation.

Go study the two links, then make your choice.

I am going with Haslam.

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