Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bomb Squad demonstration for TFA

Tuesday August 3, Investigator Jim Quick of the Knoxville Police Department Bomb Squad gave the Knoxville chapter of the Tennessee Firearms Association a demonstration of the Bomb Squad's truck and equipment. Quick had a question and answer session with the group at dinner in the Gondolier before moving out to the truck to show his equipment. Quick addressed the question of what a bomb looks like. A bomb can look like anything. 
Investigator Quick with flashlight bomb (photo by Liston Matthews)

The picture at right shows an ordinary looking flashlight that has been made into a bomb. When someone picks it up and turns it on, KA- BOOM!

Quick addressed the issue of bomb scares. He said that any time something is found that is out of place, it is to be suspect. it might be a briefcase, or a lunchbox. The thing to do is to just be vigilant in the work area. If you see something that can't be identified, call the bomb squad. They can come look at the item, use a robot to remove it, x-ray it, and, if necessary, explode the item.
Investigator Quick with Andros robot (photo by Liston Matthews)

Robots are becoming more and more common as equipment for bomb disposal squads. A locally manufactured robot is the Andros series made by Remotec division of Northrup Grumman in Clinton, TN.

These robots are controlled from the Bomb Squad truck, and can go into buildings and climb stairs. They have a fully articulated arm and  a hand to pick up objects. They also have a microphone and speaker, for officers to use in negotiations. Most importantly, the robots remove some of the element personnel danger.

Hats off to Investigator Quick, the Bomb Squad, and all the officers that form the thin blue line between civilized society and the dangerous underbelly.

The Knoxville chapter of the Tennessee Firearms Association meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Gondolier off Chapman Highway. This meeting is open to the public. The program begins at 7:00 PM. If you wish to eat and socialize, plan on arriving around 6:00 PM. For more information contact Bill Noll; 865-688-0321 or Charlie Thoms; 865-233-4561.

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