Thursday, July 1, 2010


Every year we celebrate July 4th, Independence Day, with backyard barbecues, friendly gatherings, and fireworks.

Knox Countians dutifully gather at the Worlds Fair Park, and watch the authorized fireworks show, set to music.

But wait, not all of us are downtown, because lots of folks gather in neighborhoods and shoot roman candles, bottle rockets, and assorted fireworks, and celebrate the 4th in a more personal way.

The problem is, fireworks are illegal in Knox County. This has worked well for fireworks dealers at the Loudon County line. . . but, it must be a source of confusion for the children.

"Johnny, we should always obey the law. . . Ya wanna go over to Dixie Lee and get some bottle rockets for the 4th?"

It's time for the Knox County Commission to reverse this silly law.

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Anonymous said...

I sort of like the mass disobedience the public displays in the face of the absurd nanny state. Maybe it will catch on in the real of the income tax.