Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blame game

The Orange County Register reports that a retired police officer lost a lawsuit against Glock, and just about everybody else. What went wrong here?
  1. Officer Chavez was shot by his son, who was not in his car seat. I wonder if said officer ever ticketed anyone for having a child in a car, but not properly buckled in the car seat...
  2. The child had access to the gun. Was the officer guilty of criminal negligence?
Some say that law enforcement officers should be the only ones with guns. Those folks should move to Great Britain, which is as devoid of guns as Ireland is of snakes. But wait, Great Britain, surrounded by water, has had a significant increase in 'gun crime' since their virtual ban on gun ownership.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kevin C. Brazile made a good decision in this case.While it is tragic that Chavez was left paralyzed from the waist down, it's not anyone else's fault. Even Chavez, being a member of the human race, should be allowed to make an error. But as a result of his error, he is wheelchair bound.

Glocks have a reputation for safety, and will not discharge under practically any circumstances, as long as the trigger is not depressed. Chavez should just man up and admit his mistake, and make the best of the life he has.

Stop the blame game!

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