Thursday, September 13, 2018

No Leland, no!

Today, we learn from the Firearms Policy Coalition that the Town of Leland, NC, has banned "dangerous weapons"
Effective at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, the transportation or possession, or the sale or purchase of dangerous weapons or substances, while off one’s own premises, is prohibited. This prohibition and restriction does not apply to lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition.
We've been through this before. Officials in their officialdom (often while surrounded by tax-paid armed security) attempt to disarm the citizenry. You must evacuate, lowly resident, and you must abrogate your Constitutional Rights while doing so.

And the good city fathers expect law officers to be able to discern between lawfully and unlawfully possessed firearms or ammunition.

Just no!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Federal funding for guns in schools - why not?

Last night, August 23, Jason Chaffetz guest hosted The Ingraham Angle on Fox News. He had a segment about the proposal to provide Federal funding to arm school staff.

Chaffetz's guests were Igor Volsky of an organization known as Guns Down, and Laura Carno, founder of FASTER Colorado.
FASTER stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response.
FASTER training enables teachers, administrators and other school employees to stop school violence quickly and administer medical aid immediately. FASTER is not intended as a replacement for Police and EMTs. Instead, it enables on-site personnel to save lives through prompt action.
 HERE is the link to their debate.
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The problem having no armed security, or even SRO's here and there, is time. As correctly stated by a Federal judge and the Michigan Attorney General (in a case involving guns in a home with foster children), criminals don't call ahead for an appointment. Neither do school invaders.

Volsky's stance was that the police should be called. That attitude brings us back to the time problem. Chaffetz brought up his coach in high school, mentioned his credentials, and asked what about him having a gun (in school). Volsky begrudgingly agreed that with such proper training, it would be OK (to arm some school staff).

Well Duh!

That's what FASTER is all about.

Carno gave a well-reasoned argument for the FASTER program. Well done!

. . . Volsky also commented that he wanted to reduce the number of guns in the United States.

Not gonna happen!

Consider this. Recent published estimates place the number of guns in private American citizens' hands at somewhere around four hundred million. That is approaching half a billion. . . .and considering that prior to the Nazi inspired Gun Control Act of 1968, there were no government records kept, there just might be a few more!

Just suppose Volsky and company could get a law passed reducing the number of legal guns to absolute 0, who is going door-to door to collect?

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gear review: LAPG Sling Pack

The one problem with backpacks is that they are "back there". I have used one or another for over a half century, and they are very practical for many situations. I even have a couple that have skate wheels and an extendable handle. One of those could serve as a carry-on bag if travelling very light.

However, some times the fact that the bag is "back there", makes it inconvenient. Enter the SLING BAG OR SLING PACK. I have been wearing LAPG pants and shorts for several years. They have cargo pockets, and use a fabric that goes from the dryer to the drawer or hanger; and they are ready to wear. When you catch them on sale, they are a really good deal.

When I saw that LAPG offered a sling pack, I decided to take a close look. After reading the description, the reviews, and the Q&A's, I went for it. For 20 bucks plus shipping, why not.

Since it came from the left coast, economy shipping meant it came around the cape, through the canal, or by mule drawn wagon, but it got here in about a week and it was worth the wait!

The bag is ambidextrous, meaning their is a bottom strap on each side, so you can rig it to go over either shoulder. You can, when needed, wear it in front as the situation warrants.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Johns Is Elected as President of the Tennessee Valley Sportsmen’s Club

Bill Johns
Knoxville, TN – July 22, 2018: Bill Johns, MBA, MPA (also known locally and globally as The Hawaiian Shirt Guy™) has been recently elected as President of the Tennessee Valley Sportsmen’s Club, the oldest conservation and hunting and fishing club in Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Sportsmen’s Club (TVSC) was founded in East Tennessee with its roots going back to the 1940s and even before. It has been the premier Club over the decades for being a leading advocate for conservation, wildlife resources, sportsmen, land management, and seasoned, beginning, or student professionals of the wildlife and conservation industries.

“Johns is the perfect leader of our Club with his passion, expertise, and knowledge and his local and national networks are outstanding” stated Carter Davis, a former pastPresident of the Club and retired Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) officer.

Monday, July 2, 2018

No more lollygagging - pass National Reciprocity

It's time for the Senate to get off their duffs and pass National Reciprocity. Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good. HR 38 would permit citizens, including President Trump's staffers, to legally carry a defensive handgun in the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

It would also allow congress-critters to carry. We are entering an era when they, particularly the Republicans, are now subject to violent attack as never before.

Just recently we have seen Secretary Nielsen's home surrounded by a mob, and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders kicked out of a restaurant in Virginia.

Not everyone has an armed security detail like Senator Mitch McConnell. It was fun to see his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, confront a mob, but is only a matter of time before one of these mobs turns violent, and some unarmed government employee or private citizen is attacked.

What is National Reciprocity?

Simply, a handgun carry permit issued in any state or the District of Columbia is, like a driver's license, valid in all states and the District. The permit holders would be subject to the laws of the state they are in, just like a driver's license. By way of comparison, if you have a Wyoming Driver's License, you may drive up to 80 mph on some of their highways. But with the same license, your maximum speed in North Carolina would be 70.

Let's do this, Mr. Mitch!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Suicide is not painless

The recently reported suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have caused me to pause and think about suicides that have happened close to me.

The theme song of M*A*S*H is a sad song that states, in part, that "suicide is painless". No, it is not. The one who leaves has apparently had much pain, and those left behind experience tremendous pain for a long time.

I have had two co-workers opt-out. Also, my wife lost a friend as a teenager, and we had a schoolmate who checked out in middle age.

Three of those were some of the biggest surprises ever, though one had spoken of it beforehand. I do remember being dumbfounded upon hearing about them.

Why do people do this? Others with much more education in this have not (to my mind) figured it completely out yet. I will not attempt it here.

Source: World Health Organization
I will tell you what I know, though:

Suicides cross all national and cultural lines. Look at this chart. One area with the highest rate is the former Soviet Union, which, for a lifetime asserted there is no God. (a clue?)
...and I will tell you what I think:

Gun-grabbers in the United States will use these suicides (Spade and Bourdain) as a springboard to demand more bans of firearms. Note that these two celebrities were reported to have hanged themselves. Sad, but no firearm involved.

A couple of years ago, I had a back-and-forth dialogue with a lady on the other side about guns, published at Ammoland. As I wrote there concerning suicide,
The CDC reports for 2013 that there were a total of 41,149 suicides, of which 21,175 were listed as firearm suicides. So, about 58 of 113 suicides (51%) per day were committed with a firearm. 
While suicides are certainly tragic, if you were able to totally eliminate firearms from the civilian populace, the other 49% would still be there, and I suppose some of those who would have used a firearm will resort to some other method as they do in other countries where firearms are not readily available...
Societies with very low private gun ownership, such as India have a much higher suicide rate than the United States, so they can't blame guns there. Hanging, poisoning, and jumping are used more internationally. So, it seems that those who are serious about it will find a method/tool to accomplish it.

Well, suicide is not painless; nor is it the fault of the necktie, bridge, insecticide, or gun.

....and peaceable gun owners need not feel guilty....