Saturday, July 30, 2016

Who, or what, is really on the presidential ballot in 2016

In Knox County, Tennessee, we are currently in the midst of an election that includes county commissioners, school board members, and aldermen in Farragut.

But another group on the ballot is judges. In Tennessee, high level judges are appointed, then in order to stay on the court(s), they undergo a retention vote. (read more)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Musing on the 2016 race for the White House

It really is not about Clinton or Trump

Here are some points to ponder:
1. The next president will be one of those two. The third party candidate can't win.
2. That president will appoint some unknown number of Supreme Court Justices. They will have a profound effect on us for the next forty years. This includes your progeny.
3. That president will appoint various federal trial judges and federal appellate judges.
4. That president will appoint various federal prosecutors.
5. Undoubtedly, she will go far left in those appointments, if she is elected.
6. We don't absolutely know about him.
7. None of us has a crystal ball and we don't really know who (between those two) that president will be.
8. A vote for Trump is a vote against Clinton.
9. A third party vote, while it may make you feel better about yourself, will not help defeat Clinton.
10. It's not about picking a winner, it't trying to make a winner.
11. As John Richardson paraphrases Donald Rumsfeld: When you go to war, you go with the Army you have, not the Army you wish you had. (You don't have Ted Cruz, and the 3rd party can't win.)